New LUT and GxEPD library

A project log for 7.4" E-Ink Shelf Label used as a Weather Station

Modified Chroma74 shelf label to be my weather station display. It is 7.4" 3-Color E-Ink units that cost $12 on eBay.

YodaLogicYodaLogic 11/28/2020 at 17:101 Comment

Huge thanks to Aaron for joining the project. He was able to extract the stock LUT from the flash and get vibrant back and yellow colors. You can find a link to his Modded GxEPD library in the discussion section.  I already converted all of my displays to the ESP32, but Arron has many more to play with. He was able to program onboard CC1110 processor with a custom firmware and exercise RF module.  The RF module is bi-directional, so we can dedicate one unit to be a bridge with others. The battery-operated units then can register periodically and download the rendered image. I wish we all could get more of those displays.


Tom Nardi wrote 12/02/2020 at 04:52 point

It would be incredible to have a full custom firmware for these tags with working RF. I'd love to be able to use these in my home the same way they do in the store: where they could be sitting in different rooms and have periodically have new information sent to them wirelessly.

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