Well, what am I doing here? I am certainly not setting out to create an open source video card and sell a lot of them, because those have failed multiple times. But, I know FPGAs sufficiently to put together a video card IP, and demonstrate it using different buses, working both with UEFI and legacy BIOS. So let's say that's the goal.

In the past I put together a core that was basically a framebuffer accessible over PCIe BAR. And then I wrote Linux and Windows drivers for it:

I was obviously very excited to get this to work, it's the reason I got into FPGAs - I wanted to make a video card. But this isn't really a full video card. It can't exist on its own as a video card, since there is no option ROM to help the UEFI/BIOS boot. And there's no VGA compatibility.

So this project essentially exists to log my research in using the knowledge I've gained so far, as well as available IP, to try and put something together that we can actually call a video card.

This might just serve as a dumping ground for photos and videos, or maybe more. My plan is to create a full FPGA core that can boot on a legacy PC and a modern PC, and then maybe add some 2D acceleration to it. Then if this is still going, maybe make some open source cards. I plan to open source the whole thing, and it will use existing open source projects I'll pull together.