Putting it all back together

A project log for Optronic Laboratories 740A/D Spectrometer

Getting a 1990 vintage spectrometer running on something more modern than MS-DOS

Jerry BiehlerJerry Biehler 11/23/2020 at 05:340 Comments

Now that it works I need to put it all back together. I took the adapter boards and covered the solder connections with tape so they dont short on anything and put a piece of 3M scotchlok on there if I want to mount them. The DB-25 connectors on the control boxes also used bail restraints instead of jack screws so I had to pop open the boxed to replace the bails with standoffs for the jackscrews. 

Here is inside the radiometer, you can see the little reed relays for the range selection. nothing terribly complex. :

The wavelength controller, one thing I notice is there is not power semiconductors for the motor, so I am guessing that is all in the monochromator unit itself.

Finally here is the USB DIO unit and adapter boards.