Cleaning Up the Control Program and Another PMT

A project log for Optronic Laboratories 740A/D Spectrometer

Getting a 1990 vintage spectrometer running on something more modern than MS-DOS

Jerry BiehlerJerry Biehler 12/05/2020 at 12:570 Comments

I found another PMT module I had with a different model number. I installed it hoping it would be the version with a photocathode that has sensitivity out into the red region. Yep! It did!

Also figured it is time to clean up the software. Added a stop function so it stops the monochromator after you have started a scan or go-to sequence. I also added some stuff to handle files a little better, You can now run it without saving the data to a file. One you create a new save file it will automatically save to that file. You can also right click on the data table and copy that to a clipboard and save it to a spreadsheet.

I also when through and tidied up the interface. Added and changed some indicators and just kind of got it a little better looking.