I2C Stepper Contoller

Make an I2C bus controlled stepper driver using the I2C-IO and L298N motor controller

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Using the QWIIC enabled I2C-IO and L298N motor controller, stacked together with a muffin fan for cooling, you can assemble an I2C bus controlled stepper motor. The device appears on the I2C bus as a stack of registers to control motor power, step direction, number of steps to take and status (busy/not busy). The fan mounts right on top to help dissipate heat generated by current draw on energized motor coils.

Can be controlled with any I2C bus connected device using a QWIIC cable adapter - (e.g. Raspberry PI, RedBoard, MAJIIC ESP8266)

This project was created to accomplish three tasks:

  • Be a demonstration of creating a user-defined I2C controlled device.
  • Make a project example using the I2C-IO board.
  • Used as a basis for a web controlled stepper motor for a valve control project.

This stepper motor is "fire and forget" meaning that once the setup is done and the motor commanded to move, the I2C-IO takes care of the stepping signal sequence (and number of steps), independent of the  controller - which can move onto other tasks (such as controlling another I2C stepper motor) and poll when the stepping cycle is complete.

The stepping cycle can be commanded to stop mid-cycle if necessary.

Arduino code for the I2C-IO controller is located here:

See the related I2C-IO project page located here:

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