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A project log for Sticky Ottoman

A footrest to prevent bedbugs from crawling up your legs while you work or eat. They come out even in the daytime if they are hungry enough.

David Matthew MooneyDavid Matthew Mooney 11/24/2020 at 21:480 Comments

When they get hungry, they get crazy and will charge without warning at any hour of the day or night. If you don't manage to plug them right between the eyes with the first shot, you're a goner.

But seriously, when I use carpet-tape isolation, I never see bugs stuck to the tape, but I see a big reduction in bites. Of course, I tape the legs of my chairs as well, and/or put the legs in traps that have a glossy surface finish and steep sides, like disposable PETE cups.

I also use a drying strategy to kill them: I

I used 400 g of diatomaceous earth in a 180 ft2 suite, Green Earth Homecare brand.

I also set out two commercial indicator traps so I know when I'm done: one on the floor closest to my head, and one taped securely to the mattress-top in a corner where I will not kick it.

I also set up a clothesline for all my clothes and footwear and trapped out the verticals.

I also put filters on all inlet and outlet air registers, puttied up all fixtures and baseboard cracks, and  carpet taped all around the inside door frame. 

No bugs now for two days.