After understanding the lower limb structure of many bipod robots, I noticed the ATRIAS robot from Agile Robotics, whose legs are in-line and simpler than in series. At the same time, after analyzing the working principle of the mature DELTA conceding machine hand, it is envisaged that the conceding structure of DELTA can be applied to the lower limbs of the bipod robot.

Delta robot has a special ortho conceded structure, that is, three groups of concourse mechanism from triangular arrangement to vertical arrangement, so as to better accommodate 2 sets of DELTA composed of bi-legged structure, at the same time in each set can be thickened 2 sets of legs to better complete the walking movements.

The RUU structure has a drive, active rod, upper Hulk Hinge, driven rod, Lower Hulk Hinge attached to the foot ball from top to bottom. Six drive parts, i.m. six large torque rudders are mounted to the top base to form a complete structure.

1 - Base part,  2a 3a 4a - Drive (high torque rudder),  2b 3b 4b - Active rod (rudder stand)

2c 3c 4c - Hulk Hinge (Wan-Hinge Festival),  2d 3d 4d - The terring rod

2e 3e 4e* - Hulk Hinge (Wan-Hinge Festival),  5 - Foot ball

* - The hunk is fixed at an angle

 In order to facilitate the production, the base of the two-legged robot uses 3D printing, driving the commercially available 60kg and 18kg large torque serial rudder machine, The Hulk Hinge is remodeled with 10mm and 4mm wands that can be bought, the leg skeleton is made with hollow titanium alloy tubes to reduce the inertia of the active part, and the foot ball is made of highly elastic polyurethane rubber balls.

The control board is the Curie Nano, based on the Intel Curie module design and compatible with the Arduino 101. The module consists of an x86 quark core and a 32-bit ARC architecture core with built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and 6-axis attitude sensors. Small and powerful, ideal for use as a bi-legged robot development board.

Using the bluetooth function built into the control board to achieve two-way communication with the mobile phone, the mobile phone controls the two-legged robot movements and feedbacks the robot attitude data.