Smart cube

Smart Cube triggers an event on the Internet everytime it is tilted. It aims to be the IOT Cube anyone can Afford, Build and Configure (ABC)

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Project Goals
The Smartcube Project started as an exercise and personal challenge to deliver a polished OpenSource IOT product for real world applications that can be used by anyone, not just tinkers.

To accomplish this vision I set following GOALS:

Low cost
the costs for components and Material to build Smart Cube must be lower than 10€ in total on the regular market

power efficient
One battery charge for Smartcube lasts to detect 30 turns a day for 92 days.

Build Instructions for Beginners
The Instructions to build and configure the S mart Cube are written with non technical users in mind

Configuration by Consumer
Aweb interface guides through all configuration steps.

100% Automateable
Every configuration and status calls can be done via REST API.

clean, extensible software architecture
One component was contributed by someone else.

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