Breadboarding Almost Complete

A project log for Hackaday Clock A Day Entry: CMOS Logic Clock

This is my entry into the informal Hackaday "Clock a day" project. A 7 Segment LED CMOS clock.

Mario GianotaMario Gianota 05/05/2021 at 00:560 Comments

I just have the hours reset logic and the hours and minutes increment buttons to hookup. I ran into problems with my excessive use of jumper wires. I think the circuit was misbehaving due to bad connections and the inevitable inductance and stray capacitance problems that breadboards introduce to any circuit. Still, the clock is more or less working and I am fairly pleased with how it has turned out. My initial schematics that I drew up were approximately 75% correct; not bad a s a first guess, I suppose. I have changed the circuit quite considerably and the new schematics will be available for you to look at in a few days time.

I won't know how good a timekeeper it is until I build the PCB. I am afraid that the breadboard circuit is just too flaky for me to run a reliable timing test, but the logic works just fine. :)