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Stream Deck, but utilizing various Raspberry Pi's!

turkeydevTurkeyDev 11/30/2020 at 15:050 Comments

Since I made my initial video on the project, I have hit a few road blocks and there are also some features I want to get done before my next update.

Road Blocks:

- Serial Connection: The Serial connection between the Pi's and the software application is a bit buggy. Mainly this seems to stem from an issue in the Raspberry Pi OS with a known bug in one of the core kernel modules that has been fixed, but seemingly has not been included in any updates. I don't know enough about this though to keep talking on it other than it's been determined to be a bug and causes the serial connection to lock and not send any data from the pi.

- USB Cable for Pi 1 A+:  In order to keep my goal of having both of these pi decks be powered from 1 cable to the desktop I need to come up with a solution to have a USB cable split to 2 usb ports on the Pi 1 A+. This is due to the fact the A+ does not have a USB port the supports both power and data like the Pi Zero does. Thus a USB cable that goes from the computer then splits to send Data and Power to the USB hub and Power to the power port will be needed. I tried and failed to splice 2 cables together due to my lack of skills in this department.

- Program Autorun on Startup: For this project to be reasonably useable, the application on the pi needs to auto run on start up. For the pi zero version, I started with the pi OS Lite version and added a Desktop to keep things as minimal as possible and lower the amount of unneeded "bloat". This paired with the Hyper pixel display seem to not like how my Systemd process launches using the after graphics trigger and simply refuses to launch on start up. currently I have to ssh into the pi zero to launch the application manually. For the Pi A+, the issue is very similar, but last I remember I was having issues getting the application to run period, but due to mainly the road block above, I haven't spent much time with this device.

Needed Features:

- Software Updater: In order to make this project usable by others, I need to away to update the software on the pi via the serial connection and desktop app. Currently I am using the Pi zero W so that i can ssh and ftp new versions onto the zero, but for the average person, they would want to just have a built in solution to the desktop app to update the pi's software automatically.

- Custom OS Image: Just as an ease of use/ convince, I would like to make a custom OS image for the pi that includes the pi's software for this application, but also all of the improvements and changes made to get things as slim as possible. This just makes other lives easier to have a pre done solution, but also makes development life easier to have rollback points to working, pre setup OS ev

- Pi Zero Case: Currently I have found a case for the larger version with the Pi A+, but the I have not found one for the Hyperpixel and pi zero. There are cases out there for the Hyperpixel screen, but none designed with the pi zero in mind.

That's all I have for now. I'll update this if I think of more, but I'll also update this with progress as it get's made.