Overclocking the Pi

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Creating an all in one portable video production set up.

dustinDustin 12/05/2020 at 19:120 Comments

It's my birthday today, and I decided to spend the morning doing chores, baking spicy dark chocolate gingerbread, and working on the camcorder. I've got a decent heat sink with fan taped onto the Pi right now(The adhesive for the thermal pad doesn't like to be vertical), and have it overclocked to 2.125GHz on the CPU and 750MHz on the GPU with an overvolt of 6. It's running just fine. I'm watching the temperature and CPU frequency while a stress test runs. Just using the simple stress program. 

sudo apt-get install stress

Then to run it:

stress -i 4

That runs some sort of sync operation on all 4 cores of the CPU. 

The temp started at about 30C, and is struggling to get past 50C. Hovering around 48C currently. The Pi should throttle at 80C, if I remember correctly, which means I have tons of thermal headroom. I doubt I'll overclock it much more. I do need a stable system, afterall. I overclocked it for dealing with mixing audio into the video stream when I get audio recording hardware. Another nice side effect of the overclock is better gaming and emulation performance. I might take the camcorder to visit my cousin with his giant vintage game and computer collection, and this would be a fun system to game on. Gaming on a camcorder...Never heard of that before.  

I ran Super Tux Kart and Super Tux 2 for some game testing and to see how the Pi 4 might run games. Ran perfectly fine, even though STK warned of too low resolution and insuficient GPU stuff. More game stuff whrn I get back.