Project Shelved: The Timing Isn't Right.

A project log for Raspberry Camcorder and Video Editing Station

Creating an all in one portable video production set up.

dustinDustin 05/22/2021 at 15:000 Comments

Lately I've been consumed by just surviving day to day, and trying to get the camper restoration done. I live in that camper full time now, and have fore a few months. Things went south, again, and we had to move into it with very little notice. I ended up taking the camcorder apart to use the Pi and screen for a more important project: Controlling the camper's basic systems, such as the water heater, and electronics cooling system. I'll create a new project for that later and share the water heater system I have so far. It's got a basic GUI, USB communication from the Pi to the Arduino that controls the heating elements, and works good enough for daily use. I couldn't afford another Pi and screen since I am trying to save for our move to California. I may eventually scrap this entire project, hardware wise, but revisit the software as I still see a need for a good UI for the Pi 4 using the HQ Camera Module. If it doesn't exist in the near future, I'll pick this project back up. I'm getting mroe into video production these days, and will eventually want a fully programmable camera for things like motion sensing and wildlife filming. It's very hard to reprogram a standard camera, so an open source camera is a good tool to have. Hopefully I'll get some time in 2021 to finish writing the code and get it working. Right now, the current code will work for very basic functions. I have made some big breakthroughs in my programming journey, and am more capable than I thought I could be. Things are starting to click at last, and I should be able to come back to this project with far more skills and knock this one out for anyone else who might be interested. I logged in today in order to update the status of all my ongoing projects and work on one of them: Raspberry Pi GPIO Carts. I've had some thoughts on that and chosen a PCB fab house for prototypes and such. I find it very frustrating that life has crumbled so many times since this damn pandemic hit, and all of my personal projects were put on indefinite hold. I'm trying to make more time for them, but it's often at the expense of other things, like sleep, or bill money, or recovery time. The proects shall continue, come Hell or high water.