Version 1.6 of my very crude camcorder software. Nothing too special here. Just Picamera code that defines a few simple functions and looks for keyboard commands to trigger various actions. I changed all function calls to numbers instead of letters so I could use the numpad and a USB wireless remote more easily. It works, but is still basic. Functions: Start/stop recording, take a photo, change a few ISO/exposure settings, turn preview on and off, exit program. Bare minimum viable for video. There is a working line, commented out, that records audio through a USB microphone with Pulse audio, but it doesn't sync up. Proof of concept.

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Version 1.5 of my Raspberry Pi Camcorder software. It's still very simple, but has more features than the previous version. Added a few exposure and ISO modes over the last version. Requires the Keyboard PIP3 module installed.

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The first version of the code that uses functions and resembles code not written by a 5 year old. It only records 1080p video, no audio at this point. Requires the Keyboard PIP3 module installed.

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The very first, crude control software for my custom camera. Requires the Keyboard PIP3 module installed.

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