TIM-011 video signal generation ("grafika" component)

A project log for TIM-011: FPGA-based VGA and PS/2 keyboard adapter

Trying to connect vintage TIM-011 home computer with PS/2 keyboard and VGA using a FPGA developer board

zpekiczpekic 11/29/2020 at 03:350 Comments

In order to convert video signal coming from TIM-011 to VGA, one has to first have it... As I don't have a TIM-011, I had to "simulate" one. Key component of this simulation is to re-create the custom graphics system of TIM-011 on FPGA.

Luckily, I had the schematics from the magazine, so I could reverse-engineer it.

First, a bit about TIM-011 graphics implementation:

 As a result, following video signal is generated:

There are two interesting facts about TIM-011 video:


VDHL implemenation:

To follow description below, refer to this source code file

(to be updated)