Week 11. Working on PCB Rev. 2

A project log for Raspberry Pi CM4 –°arrier with Hi-Res MIPI Display

An interface breakout board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, permanently attached to a 7" IPS touchscreen display

igor-shturmaIgor Shturma 02/15/2021 at 19:150 Comments

Now finishing the board design in KiCad. I will share the project in the end after it is tested. The list of changes is under "Read more" link.

Meanwhile, check out my tutorial on DIY PCB assembly here:

Instructables: How to Assemble a PCB With Tiny SMD Parts

  1. Changed GPIO expander from SX1508B to MCP23008T, which is supported without rebuilding the kernel.
  2. Selected more DIY-friendly IC packages for the expander and the USB switch.
  3. Corrected board dimensions to exactly match the display.
  4. Removed unnecessary 0-ohm jumpers.
  5. Added capacitors near host USB connector.