We are trying to investigate the boundaries of the PCB world, to make tiny bots fun to learn electronics and also to make models kit to learn the basic without realizing it. After a first series of Nano and Voodoo bots, now we try to see if the geek community like to build Cyberpunk models.

For the model kit just need to clip the pieces together and solder here and there :) this helped with a step by step and educational manuals, the process goes quite smoothly.

Cyberpunk models don't have any classical IC, but have SMD blinking and through holes LED. In addition, we provide, resistors and coin cell holders for 2032 batteries. 

We try to make it as easy as possible for beginners. So you can assemble it even without skills in electronics. And as a reward, the pride to get smart looking models that have a real electronic nervous system.

We are looking forward to developing the next generation of smart and low tech bots with basic moves and functions. If you want to join the project and have a strong vision on it, Welcome to talk with us :’)