It is a stunt to solder it but looks super cool. For PCB coating, we chose an Immersion Tin to make a smooth matt look

And we used vibro motors to make it move. You just need to find the right surface to let it move forward. For now, a notebook or a bunch of papers works best.

We made it for fun, and if anybody wants to make it on their own, we added a Gerber file for downloading

For this project, we used:

  • PCB 1.2mm, 2 layers, 91.7 x 55.8 mm, Immersion Tin coating, black silk print
  • LED SMD 0805 Yellow / Orange / Red
  • Coin vibro motor 2pcs
  • Coin cell holder for CR2032 battery

Maybe someday Elon Musk or his lawyer will call us, and we will create an upgraded version with real wheels, engine, and blackjack:) or just remove it :’) -  Stay tuned!

Hope you like the idea!

Also, we are running a Kickstarter campaign with big PCB construction sets. Check it out: