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A project log for Hacking an Iris 3000 Videophone

This project has to do with my attempt of gaining full access to an ACN Iris 3000 videophone.

The SycoraxThe Sycorax 12/17/2020 at 21:360 Comments

[Continued from previous log entry]

After gaining a root shell on the phone, I then had to find out how to get Debian Linux to run on it. So I did more research and discovered that AUTUIN has his own personal blog which is dedicated to his various electronics projects, but it has not been active since 2018. On his blog site he made a post in 2013 specifically for his "Phonetendo" project. Just like his Blogspot article he did not explain a step by step process that he took for loading the RootFS of Debian on an SD card, however in the comment section of the post he provides the specific commands needed for switching over the internal RootFS of the ACN Iris 3000 to it. This saved me a lot of time because without the commands I probably would have had to do even more research. 

Having commands needed for switching over the internal RootFS was great however I needed to first figure out how to get the RootFS of Debian on an SD card. So I went back to AUTUIN's Blogspot article. And in the section titled "A Better Operating System", AUTUIN included a link which includes similar steps that he used for doing that. I went to the link and it brought me to a website that explains how to install Debian Etch to a QCOW image using QEMU. This was a big step forward because from what I understand, QCOW images are typically used by QEMU as virtual hard drives. They can be converted into various formats, including raw format which can then be transferred to a storage device such as an SD card. However the URL's that the website provides for the Debian Etch kernel and installer are no longer hosted and can't be downloaded. This was quite the bottleneck, so I had to find another way of getting Debian installed in this fashion.

Doing more research I found a blog created in September 2015 by an unknown user who successfully got Debian Linux running on the ACN Iris 3000. They provide a step by step tutorial for installing Debian Squeeze to a QCOW image, which as I said can then be converted into a raw format and then transferred to an SD card. Unlike the previous website, this one provides the URL's for the Debian Squeeze installer and kernel, which are still hosted and can be downloaded. 

By following this new step by step tutorial I was able to successfully get the Debian Squeeze Installer running in QEMU. However it is not an offline installer. It needs a way to download all of the necessary files in order to install Debian Squeeze on the QCOW image, which btw it see's as just a regular disk drive. All of the necessary files needed to install Debian in this fashion are usually downloaded from a single server/mirror that is included in a list of many, and must be chosen by the user in the installation menu. The problem is that Debian Squeeze is much too old, and is not supported anymore. Because of this, the files that are necessary to install it are no longer hosted on any of the servers/mirrors that are listed in the installer. Therefore I was not able to install Debian in this manner. 

A newer version of Debian can be installed this way but it's RootFS will not be able run on the ACN Iris 3000 because it's kernel is too old. The kernel version for Debian has to be as close to the kernel version of the ACN Iris 3000 as possible. The ACN Iris 3000 uses the kernel version Therefore the only possible option is to use Debian Squeeze which has a kernel version of because anything newer uses kernel version 3.2 or above.

[To be continued in next log entry...]