Old Ghosts

A project log for MultiBot CNC v2

A low cost 3D printed CNC that can be built with minimal tools yet is capable of great things.

David TuckerDavid Tucker 09/19/2021 at 02:020 Comments

Here is an old cnc project I made when I was just getting started with all of this. I had a broken XYZ DaVinci Mini W printer that was missing several key parts.  I decided to turn it into a pen plotter.

I made a new pen holding tool head that fit with the built in quick release of the original head. To make the pen have some give to it for a more natural line I took my pen apart and moved the retract spring from the bottom of the pen to the top so it provides some downward pressure and has a quarter inch of give.

On the control side I removed the original board and replaced it with a grbl shield and an uno.  I made a small daughter board that lets me use the optical limit switches already built into the machine. I don't remember the details anymore but I had to wire in some sort of a transistor to make this work.

Anyway it worked fine for what it was, and it was a good way to get some CNC building experience before setting out to make my MultiBot. I have no idea what I will do with this but I thought you may be interested in a bit of the history behind this project.