Slow Progress

A project log for MultiBot CNC v2

A low cost 3D printed CNC that can be built with minimal tools yet is capable of great things.

David TuckerDavid Tucker 10/24/2021 at 22:150 Comments

Posts have been slow recently, but not for a lack of trying.  I have been pulling many different GRB and Marlin variants out and trying them on my new MKS Gen L v2.1 hardware, but so far each has its downside.

I finally got it all running on grbl-mega-5x, and I have a roughly stubbed in version on Marlin 2.x however I have yet to find a sender that works with it.  My hope is to finish polishing up grbl and making  a writeup on getting it running on the MKS Gen L 2.1 board (or any ramps board).


My order for a MKS Robin Nano v2 board got canceled, probably from a lack of supply.  I'm still contemplating ordering a 32 bit board, but for now there is nothing out there that I can get for a reasonable price that looks interesting to me.

However I am very interesting in the MKS TFT24 or TFT32 touchscreen to be used as an offline controller.  MKS has a CNC project that can run on the display and that can take over control of the machine via  serial port.  The price is right at around $25 for the display, however the larger (and higher resolution) TFT32 display is really hard to find right now.  

There are several other offline controllers out there that also deserve inspection, including running octoprint on an arduino.  I need to spend some more time investigating this before pulling the trigger.


I was able to cut out a guide for my table to help when tiling cuts.  I cut 3 holes in a strip of wood and then used 3D printed plugs that use a friction fit into the board and line up with the recessed holes already cut in the spoiler board for holding it to the bed.

Here I am cutting the face of the board square to the bed after taping it into place using the pins to orient the board.

The board is wider than the cutting volume of my bit, so I flipped the board over after cutting as much as I could and then used a hand saw to cut the tab off afterword's.  This has the added benefit of allowing me to install the board in either direction, giving me two straight surfaces to wear out.

It seems to be working quite well. I have not taken the time to cut my piece out, but I am all ready to do it whenever I work up the nerve.