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David TuckerDavid Tucker 07/06/2022 at 03:240 Comments

I took a vacation with my family's (yay!) and picked up a Rolife Tramcar TG505 laser cut wooden model as a small souvenir.

For the $15 I spent on it, it came with a lot of stuff.  There were 5 sheets of laser cut wood and two pieces of Lexan along with the glue and sandpaper needed to assemble the model. It took the better part of a day to put together with me fiddling on and off with it as parts dried. It was a fun experience and it turned out nicely.

One of the sheets is 1 mm thick, 3 were 2 mm thick and one was 2.5 mm thick.  They used a neat trick on the holes.  When a part needed to pass through a sheet the hole was cut square, but when it needed to connect to a sheet the hole would be slightly rounded to create an interference fit.  On parts where only 3 sides were available a small dimple was added instead. This allowed the model to hold together quite firmly without glue.  I used glue anyway but I think it would have completely held together without any glue.

Anyway it is a fun little kit and they seem to have a lot of even bigger models.  If your interested in laser cutters you can look to them for inspiration, or for a fun afternoon distraction.