First Prototype Nearly Complete

A project log for PiCarts: GPIO ROM Carts

Loading from ROM cartridges plugged into the GPIO port. Just like the old days.

DustinDustin 06/17/2021 at 17:330 Comments

I've finally gotten some of the hardware for this project. The two Pi HAT prototyping boards and the SMT breakout boards from Adafruit have arrived. I tried to record a video of the assembly and introduction of this project for my channel, but my phone failed 4 times in a row to record. Fifth time's a charm, it would seem. These Pi HATs have the EEPROM on them for identifying the board and setting up the GPIO boards. I actually didn't know that was a thing until I found the standards for a board to be a Pi HAT. I love this feature and plan to use it on every cart. I still don't have the SD flash chips, but I at least have the main board assembled. All that's left is to solder the flash chips on when they arrive and wire them to the GPIO pins. I haven't started working with the software yet. I'm pretty tired today, so I'll likely call it quits for now and get some chores and rest in. These are at least ready for me to start developing the EEPROM files and get them written and tested. I need a vendor name, and I think I'll just go with PiCarts. Next update should be regarding the EEPROMs or when the flash chips arrive. Very exciting day for me. I had a wonderful job interview yesterday that would pay decent and give me tons of hours. I'll be able to fund this project quite easily soon. I'll be placing the order for portable HDMI monitor and a few other goodies, as well as picking up the Pi 400 kit and the M5Stack Faces kit from Microcenter. Finally feel as though I'm making progress on this project.