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A project log for PiCarts: GPIO ROM Carts

Loading from ROM cartridges plugged into the GPIO port. Just like the old days.

DustinDustin 07/23/2021 at 15:360 Comments

I've recently started as a tow truck driver and really enjoy it. It pays better than any other jobs I've had as well. I will soon have the time, energy, and money to finish this project, after all this time. I should have had the money and time already, but tension with the new job and the lady has cost me everything. We split up and I'm just diving back into my work and projects to deal with the extra stress. 

There are a few critical pieces of equipment I need, such as a soldering station, helping hands, magnifying glass, and all the supporting equipment to assemble the test boards. I got a small tv which I can use for testing with a Pi. The Pi4 wasn't mine, so I have to get a new Pi. I'll pick up a 4 and 400 soon. I want to make sure the carts will be able to work on both, though the target system is the 400. I may stock up on basic components and development boards as well. I haven't been as interested in programming lately, as I've been very tired and stressed, with no quiet time to spare. I am excited to get this project done though. I never seem to get a chance to finish my projects, so it will be nice to knock this out. Been trying to finish a project for years now...