LM3909 extreme soldering challenge edition

Because flashing led are never out of fashion, are they?

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Who doesn't like flashing led?
And aside 555 which is notoriously famous for its excellent flashing abilities, LM3909 is taking things one step beyond being able to flash an led for MONTHS running on a single AA alkaline!
I have two projects already made as soldering kits but i like the idea of an extreme soldering challenge edition!
This is a direct replacement for LM3909 using 01005 resistors & tiny DFN 1006/DFN-3L transistors and zener diode. It s a direct replacement for LM3909 DIP8 IC...
I already have two LM3909 soldering kits on Tindie using TH components but this is not easy to make a kit from to begin with... difficulty begins from how small the pcb is (10.6x8mm) and if made in small qty it will be a costly endeavour..
So, for the time being, it will stay a 3d rendering LOL

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