A project log for Standing Ladder Hidden PC Desk

A hidden PC and monitor make for a beautiful desk

Matthew CarlsonMatthew Carlson 12/03/2020 at 18:330 Comments

Here's a walkthrough of the design so far:

Open questions that need to be addressed:

- Move ridge on upper shelf to go up? Remove ridge?
- Check if 82" is too tall
- Add top rail
- Reduce width, recommended max span for 3/4" plywood is 30" (add steel angle rod to back?). Need some sort of support mechanism
- Figure out how shelves will rotate? Maybe they don't rotate? Lazy susan bearing as possible option
- Check what internal diameter of Susan bearing will be needed
- Expand PC case to 24" deep (match Ellen's desk) and 4" tall? Or keep it 3.75"
- How to stop table from rotating?-
- How to add supports for weight of shelves? Need some sort of steel bar?
- Estimated TDP is around 485W (ADL Intel cpu and 3070 GPU), how are we going to get rid of the heat