• Entered In A Game Jam

    Matthew Carlson12/19/2020 at 21:10 0 comments

    I've entered into a game jam to try and drum up a little motivation. I drastically reduced the scope to try and make it achievable by Monday evening.

    The first step was researching more about how bird flight works. I found a paper by the University of Washington: paper.dvi (washington.edu) and this one from the Journal of Experimental Biology3135.full.pdf (biologists.org). There were nice equations for lift and drag that I'm gonna steal. 

    I scrapped the procedural terrain generation system and decided to just let Unity handle it for me and use the built-in terrain system.

    Goals for today:
    - Build a flight system
    - Add a fire breathing system (via unity's particle system)
    - Add some sort of system the prevents players from going too far

  • Introduction

    Matthew Carlson12/04/2020 at 17:33 0 comments

    Why am I working on a VR game? Why not?

    The idea here is to make a game where you need to lay on the floor and flap your arms. It should be a very simple game where you breath fire and destroy villages and castles. Right now I have a rigged dragon with some very janky inverse kinematics.