Head and foot

A project log for Spine desk lamp

a project for my work-from-home desk, with CNC cut profiles, addressable LEDs, with tentacle kinematics

sebsplanesebsplane 03/17/2021 at 20:330 Comments

Tiny redesign

The carboard prototype made me notice that the base of the spine was not rigid enough to support the weight and lever forces acting on the foot. I decided to redesign it a little bit to add a support for a second vertebrae and still have room for the electronics below:

I made the notches in opposition to each other so they could counter the torque of the arm.
I struggled to keep these shapes in the available workspace of my 3018 and i had to disable the end switches to gain a few mm of travel.
I'm also using 5mm plywood this time (retailer was out of 3.6mm)  

Unfortunately, i made another rookie mistake in the cuts set-up : i didn't add any tabs and put the two legs too close too each other, and my part broke off before the end of the path... I managed to salvage the part by cutting the leftover with a handsaw.
Another irritating issue is the quality of the plywood i used : that micron-thick plated s..t peels as soons as it is being cut , leaving ugly scorch on the edges...

In the end ,the foot  needed a little trim to fit to the tip of the leg but the assembly seems promising! I was really worried by the way it would work in real life, but so far so good. It gives me more confidence in my use of blender for the mechanical design !

Cutting head

I also cut the parts for the head and did another dry assembly to have a feel on  its volume :

I think it'll be all right, i still need to figure out how i will link it to the arm... I'd like to have an adjustable articulation between the two to be able to shine the light away from my face if needed. Having this part ready will also help me figure out how much rigidity my arm requires: i bought several carbon rods (1 , 1.5mm and 2mm) and i'm confident that i can find a combination of those that will give the spine its stiffness...