SNES emulator port for microBYTE!

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Juan FloresJuan Flores 01/18/2021 at 20:170 Comments


In this new log, I want to show you an interesting experiment the SNES9X port for the microByte!

I considered an experiment because the performance is not good, but you can (more or less) play some games. The FPS counter it shows between 25~30 FPS, but due to it's implemented frameskip of 4 frames, the image is not smooth.

Anyways is more a proof of concept to show the usage of the SNES layout, but I hope to improve the performance in a future release.

The original port for ESP32, was performed by Ducalex(ducalex/snes9x-esp32: Snes9x port to the ODROID-GO (ESP32) ( for the Odroid-Go, but I've improved the performance and ported to the microByte.