Implemented BFSK generation on mcu

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Beyond '67 SMPTE timecode: an affordable GPS based AUX syncing track generator for dual-system sound or multicam setups

Raymond LutzRaymond Lutz 05/09/2021 at 20:260 Comments
Dunno why but the frequencies are way off... The space freq should be 999 Hz and my RIGOL shows 775 Hz! Mark should be 2376 and it's 1852 Hz (so the same 1.29 factor). For now the timing is done with Arduino's delayMicroseconds(), that should have been precise to  ± 5%... (I'm pausing for 20 µs between each DAC ouput update)

Anyway, I plan to use SAMD21 TC5 for timing, so I don't need to investigate any further this discrepancy. Stay tuned!