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Building a digital large format camera

jimmycalzenjimmy.c.alzen 07/08/2014 at 18:260 Comments

Two main things are in the pipeline right now: 

1) Replace focus screen. The old one is way too flimsy. The new one will be made of glass. I have sanded a suitable glass plate, now it's just a matter of mounting it.

2) It would be nice with a larger display. That way I can see immediately if the picture is going to be any good and save time by cancelling it if it is not. I think WiFi+Android is the way to go here. I have ordered a CC3000 breakout board. Also I get to learn writing Android apps, something I wanted to try for a long time now. Maybe I can also get rid of the awful maximum latency on sd cards by storing the pictures on the phone (and letting Android buffer the data in RAM). Most writes takes milliseconds but once in a while it takes .5 seconds. That really is not acceptable when photographing something moving.