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Team members and their tasks:

Ada - I was a Project Manager. I organized all the meetings and made reports on them. I was constantly in touch with the managers of individual teams and supervised the course of work. Moreover, I managed our project on the IC Project platform, where the entire course of the project was presented. Finally, I shared the results of our work on the Hackaday platform.

Michał - I was a Software Team Manager. Together with other team members I have prepared software and phone application to control the vehicle. I was in constant contact with Project Manager and other team manager. I exchanged information with them about the deadlines of work and informed about the progress of tasks in the team.

Szymon - I was working as Software Team Lead. My main responsibility was developing software and electronic design for autonomous car. I created concept of driving algorithm and then wrote functionalities of the car. I also helped to develop mobile app to control car. Last but not least I was managing a GitHub repository.

Tomasz - I was a member of Software Team. I have created electrical diagram with all components used in project (using Fritzing software). As a member of Software Team I helped to create concept of control algorithm.

Grzegorz - I was a part of the Mechanical Team. I helped to create the car’s chassis and transmission. As a team we created LEGO model of our car. Additionally I was the creator and publisher of the animation on Youtube.

Bartosz - I was a member of Software Team. I took part in creating the main concept of algorithm and helped to develop it by adding some extra functions. I did the necessary math calculations to make sure that the car won't hit a wall in any case. 

Dominika - I was a member of the Mechanical Team. I have created the most of vehicle body construction.  I was also responsible for assembly ultrasonic sensors to our car. I created a virtual model of holder for sensor HRC, using Autodesk Inventor. The holder is compatible with Lego and the real model can be easily printed in 3d printing technology. 

Jakub (Blok) – I was a member of the Mechanical Team. With my team members I have created the chassis and the transmission of our vehicle. The another task I was obliged to do was creating a bumper for our car and adding limit switches that allow our car to emergency stop if it encounters an obstacle.

Hubert - I was a member of Mechanical Team. Spent most time dealing with LEGO model in Fusion 360, eliminating mistakes. My main task was to create a chassis and transmission, which I have done with my teammates. With a team I came up with a concept of steering system in our mechanical model. 

Wojciech - I was Mechanical Team Leader. I have created the concept of the chassis and drive train and later realised that with my teammates in Fusion 360. I was also responsible for organising the meetings in our team, reporting to Project Manager and staying in touch with other team leaders.

Jakub (Bogusz) - I was a member of a Software Team. I helped my Team to develop software for autonomous car and create the concept of control algorithm. I was also responsible for creating an electrical diagram with all components used in our project including Node MCU Controller. In this project we were using Fritzing software for Electrical Diagrams.

Dominik (Fryc) - I was a member of a Software team. With my whole Team I’ve discussed and developed algorithms of controlling the car. I was mainly focused on developing manual controlling of the car via Blynk application.

Wojciech (Gęsiak) - I was a member of Mechanical Team. Together with Dominika we were responsible for vehicle body construction. I have also implement servo drive to our projekt. Finally when we have finished our vehicle...

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