Scrapped Project: No Longer Together

A project log for Scrapped: Vintage Off Grid Camper

Upgrading an 80s camper with solar and modern comforts.

DustinDustin 07/23/2021 at 15:280 Comments

The lady and I decided to go our separate ways lately. She took her car and camper, I'm staying with a friend until my new job starts bringing in the money. This project was very difficult and frustrating for me, so I'm honestly glad to be done with it. I feel she didn't appreciate all I did to that camper, and kept constantly demanding more work. It started to feel less like my home and more like an obligation to someone else, and countless hours of free labor from me. I'm starting to restore another camper that I'm staying in for a while, as I save up money to finally build a truck bed camper on my old truck. I bought it back from my friend, and am almost ready to start construction. The end of this project is a huge weight lifted, though still incredibly sad.