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3D printed running aid

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/30/2021 at 03:050 Comments

After much anguish, new antlers rolled off the printing press like an economic stimulus package.  There was another fruitless search for cheap commercial options.   A design was reached which didn't need support or infill, could be easily popped off in the field.

Orange PLA with a brown sharpie made a surprisingly realistic woodgrain texture.  The lion kingdom couldn't afford to dunk it in wood stain.   It was surprising to find brown sharpies still in existence, in a time when 31 flavors of ice cream are the enemy of equality.

They went in series, off of 5.5V.  The original package ran on 2 AA's.  The next step was the nose mount & final assembly.

Heating to 280C in a special jig managed to release the selastic just enough to pry off the heat sink.

The new nose mount could use a lot of changes to make it easier to screw in the clamps & use string instead of zip ties. 

It was designed in a time when 25 zip ties were $1.  3mm zip ties aren't even made anymore.  A better design would use bolts.  

Every iteration of robo rudolf gets better & this year was definitely a big leap.