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3D printed running aid

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/23/2022 at 03:160 Comments

Installing roborudolf is the 21st century equivalent of decorating the tree.

There is a desire to repaint the antlers with metallic brown, but this would entail rebuilding all the LED strings.   Reprinting the antlers would fix some fitment problems.  Another desire was flattening the tips of the antlers.

The headlight becomes another difficulty when the nose is installed.  The red LEDs might be enough to replace it, if driven at their maximum voltage.  The plastic dome could be taken off.  The headlight could be installed above or below the nose.  Maxing out the nose would entail yet another voltage converter.

Metallic brown is definitely more fitting for a robot.  It went on more even than flat brown.  Printing .8mm nozzle .32mm layers took up more ink.  The ideal antler is metallic brown TPU, but that would be much harder to bond.  These were printed as solid halves with 20% infill.  The easiest way to bond was gluing a right angle out of 1 half & the base, then gluing the remaneing half.

New antlers fitted with lights.  The metallic brown is less obvious in the dark.  

Locked & loaded