TOP 3 mini-games chosen

A project log for Making real Among Us mini games

We are bringing Among Us game design to the real world as a fun way to teach beginners electronics with arduino or esp32 / esp8266

FelixFelix 02/02/2021 at 14:130 Comments

To limit the scope of the project, 3 of the most interesting possible options have been chosen.

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I am ranking them in complexity like this (low to high):

  1. "Rocket" ... to make the underlaying interaction only 4 leds and 4 buttons are required.
  2. "Levels" ... requires 4 sliders which are more expensive but easy to implement. Feedback whether being right or wrong could come in the form of an LED or sound.
  3. "Card Swipe" ... requires a more delicate hardware-build with sensors to catch a (credit-)card swipe and is one of the most infamous tasks of the game.

To make the interactions more appealing, I believe a buzzer/speaker for chimes should make it much more enjoyable. This would be added to all mini-games.

Sound feedback can be related directly to the interaction or indicate error and success.