2021's 1st log!

A project log for Mayfelds' Blaster Pack

This is a personal study+project work. This is project will have theory based on Robotics and hopefully a final build!

adityaprakash23AdityaPrakash23 01/05/2021 at 12:110 Comments

Yay! 2021's here! But our troubles aren't gone yet. And so isn't my journey towards building my own (and 1st) Star Wars prop. And haven't been able to do any update and also I am stuck at the inverse kinematics. I have gone through it a little bit, but I do realize it's going to be tricky not difficult. Well I am going to share the updated DH diagram(again!) and some more Forward kinematics calculations. I have also linked my Github repo with my Octave code for this very project. I will try my best to study everyday, do some coding, update my Github repo(which I hope to build up overtime) and update this project with periodic project logs. For the people who have followed this project, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that anyone would follow this project so thanks for motivating me with ur follows. Hopefully at the end of this journey I will be posting a triumphant pic of myself and my blaster pack. Thanks and good luck for 2021!