A slight detour

A project log for Mayfelds' Blaster Pack

This is a personal study+project work. This is project will have theory based on Robotics and hopefully a final build!

adityaprakash23AdityaPrakash23 03/09/2021 at 08:050 Comments

Hello! It's been a longtime. Due to various reasons, my studies kept getting stalled. Finally I have resumed again. So along with my studies resuming I have decided to work on a different robot arm. I am doing this because I felt I needed a physical bot in front of me to test out my understanding. So bought the cheapest 3D printed robot arm kit and assembled it up. Now, I plan on controlling it using a Pyboard v1.1 that I had lying around. I will need to learn Micropython for that(which I intended to do eventually). So for now, I will be shifting from octave to Micropython. It will take some time to figure out the electronics and programming, but I am really eager to try out what I learn on it. Here is what I will be using.(The Digispark is my backup if I get frustrated by Micropython, which I am pretty sure will not be the case).

I know it is a detour, but I will definitely use my learnings here towards the blaster pack.