Update and goals setting

A project log for Mayfelds' Blaster Pack

This is a personal study+project work. This is project will have theory based on Robotics and hopefully a final build!

adityaprakash23AdityaPrakash23 03/23/2021 at 17:130 Comments

So.....I have been studying about Jacobian matrix for the past few days. I haven't completely understood it and will be checking out more videos to understand the concept a little better. After studying it, I felt like I wanted to write an Octave script. So I will do that once my concepts on the topic are clear. I will also apply it to the Mayfeld Kinematics equations that I have built up till date. Also I had forgotten about the IK script. So I have started on it and updated an initial script with the FK matrices in it. I will eventually update it with the IK calculations(symbolic) too very soon. Also the progress on the 3D printed robot arm has been slow. I decided on using an UNO finally as my previous options were too much hassle. So with the correct hardware in hand I have started work on figuring out the servo motor working. I hopefully will soon start with a FK Arduino sketch to run on the platform very soon. But I first have to do the FK calculations very methodically and correctly too. I hope the achieve the 3 targets set here for myself at the earliest.