Ant2 USB-C LiPo Charger

Tiniest USB-C LiPo Charger

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Ant2 is a tiny USB-C LiPo charger, measuring just 16 x 9 mm in footprint, barely larger than the USB-C connector itself. It is the smallest charger in it's category. Ant2 can be used to add USB-C power and battery charging support to your space constrained prototypes and projects. The tiny size also makes it easier to retrofit the USB-C power into your older projects.

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Ant2 uses a popular Microchip MCP73831 in a DFN package, which reduces thermal throttling. The more common SOT-23-5 package has a thermal performance about three times worse than that of DFN. Thermal throttling increases the charging time because of the reduced charging current. By improving the thermal performance the risk of increased charging time is reduced.

Despite its tiny size, Ant2 can be mounted using regular M3 or M2.5 screws. Two half-cut mounting holes on each side provide a compact but still reliable mounting.


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  • 1 × Microchip MCP73831 Power Management ICs / Power Supply Support
  • 1 × JAE DX07S016JA1R1500 USB-C connector

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