System Ready for Pre-release

A project log for STARTEC REGISTRO

An open-source system for COVID-19 contact tracing

Startec InnovationsStartec Innovations 12/16/2020 at 07:510 Comments

The system's finally ready for a pre-release. What is it for you ask?

We at Startec Innovations believe in a Human-centered Approach to design. We wouldn't want to release something that isn't fit for function, or that wouldn't really benefit our target audience.

Despite this however, we'd want people to be able to use the technology as soon as possible. Our philosophy revolves around increasing access, in order to increase engagement to our tech-base, from developers, tinkerers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

The more people, the more ideas. The more perspectives the richer, or more contextual the conversations - the richer the design iterations.

We firmly believe diversity is a strength.