First entry after a while in the project. What happend so far:

A project log for Rebuilding Mechanically Accurate Apollo DSKY

As a complete newbee I try to rebuild Manoel daSilvas Project.

stefan-khlerStefan Köhler 12/16/2020 at 11:480 Comments

I found Manoel daSilvas project and I was asking myself if I could rebuild it as a complete newbee. (and I mean it: everything is new to me!) 

So I started with the programming part. Tried to make the the virtualAGC work on an raspi.. OK, no success so far, but I got some experiences in coding in VisiualStudiocode. Then I tried my luck with dsky_keyboard_arduino and dsky_display (2 messages while compiling) . Still no success but I‘m learning and will get there. First litte step forward: I was able to put the layout on the NextionDisplay... Now we‘re talking :-)

Meanwhile my 3D printer (Ender5) has arrived and I started to print the parts.

Soldered the keyboard matrix

Finished 3D parts except for the Backhousing

Assembled the HW with heatsink brass threads

Since the gaps between the housing and the display- und the indicator case came out quite big in my printing I have re-designed them from the scratch. Fusion360 (for the first time) : This lets me appreciate Manoels efforts to create all the files from the drawings even more. Now they are not original any more but they fit neatly. 

Designed and printed a stand for the DSKY

WIP : Soldering the perfboards for the indicators

WIP : combining the raspi with the arduinos (with testcode)

...also I‘m thinking of ways to design keycaps.. I know I‘m not the first one ;-)