Keyboard v1.0 and v1.1

A project log for Rebuilding Mechanically Accurate Apollo DSKY

As a complete newbee I try to rebuild Manoel daSilvas Project.

stefan-khlerStefan Köhler 12/25/2020 at 11:030 Comments

Merry X-Mas y‘all!

For the first time the front of the DSKY is closed. I‘ve finished Keyboard v1.0. Althrough I‘m not completely happy it‘s a step ;-) 

...some sanding needed but I‘m pretty sure that it will not be the last version...

First attempt was to create an „inlay“ for the keycaps provided by Manoel. For this I used the the font Gorton, converted the text  in Inkscape in a path and included it as *.svg than in Fusion360. Than filled the text in the inlay with acyl colour.

Since this left me with a clearly visible frame from the keycap, I designed my own (the top section 1mm shorter) and used the space for an inlay which is covering the complete surface, also this time I used the font OpenGorton which I think better match the original:

Comparision betreen the designs

Shortcomings: The fonts for the ciphers are too big. The acyl colour is sinking in. I‘ve ordered some sugro to give it a try.

Since I (...and I saw Manoel found it also ;-) ) stumbled over a video in youtube from Patrick Rigney I‘m very intrigued by his keycap design since it would also allow backlighting. Maybe I‘ll try to go that way...