Keyboard 2.0

A project log for Rebuilding Mechanically Accurate Apollo DSKY

As a complete newbee I try to rebuild Manoel daSilvas Project.

stefan-khlerStefan Köhler 12/31/2020 at 09:510 Comments

Exact for the end of the year the keyboard is now functional and is connected with the Raspi. 

It was a learning journey about serial connection and a looong bugfixing with the physical keyboard. Turns out that my soldering skills need improvement (actually non existent ;-) ) , the understanding of the pins on the arduino micro needed some research. On the way ‚ I have built a new keyboard, messed it up (cols and rows), only to use to first version in the end.

During the „frustration time“ I worked on key cap prototypes:

VERB: Font Gorton, original key cap with simple inlay, acryl colour - clear visible frame, letters not separated enough, colour is sinking in

NOUN: Font Open Gorton, shorter key cap with overlapping inlay, acryl colour - colour is sinking in

KEYREL: Font Open Gorton, original key cap with printed letter inlay (white) filled with black sugro - not bad, but not enough contrast

„9“ : Font Open Gorton, original key cap with simple inlay, filled with white sugro - a little bit on the „bold“ side but if I solve this in Fusion360 this could be the solution for „non-backlight“ keyboards.

Next step: connect the display with the Raspi