Keyboard 3.0

A project log for Rebuilding Mechanically Accurate Apollo DSKY

As a complete newbee I try to rebuild Manoel daSilvas Project.

stefan-khlerStefan Köhler 01/30/2021 at 16:470 Comments

...sometimes I got distracted... ;-) 

In this case I was very intrigued by the keyboard design from garak (Bernd). He posted some pictures in Manoels project and I started the redesign in Fusion. After I was already in the middle he was so kind to share his construction files and additional tips for the build. Thx a lot Bernd!!  

So I started the build and today I saw the keyboard working for the first time.. It took some time since (payed) work kicked in... 

Here are some impressions:

And finally:

(Due to my  (non existing) solder skills its not stable yet and I‘m still searching for loose contacts  (Wackelkontakte)

Next step will be the matrix perfboard for the keyboard and fitting the new unit in the DSKY.