This is a self-replicating box: it contains the tools to replicate itself.

Contents of box: markers, 6 inch ruler, equilateral triangle, protractor or other source of 60 degree angles, scissors, box cutter, bag of googly eyes.  Also, carried along with the box is a Tape Snake, which is a Trash Tie tied in a loop with rolls of duct tape spanning the rainbow colors plus black.


The Trash Tie is just a 6 foot long section of clothesline with taped ends.  Be sure to tape the ends!
   make a 6 inch equilateral triangle from cardboard
use that triangle to trace out 10 more, cut them out
 tape together as shown, making a shape that is an octahedron with a tetrahedron on top which opens up as shown below

add more tape seams to connect it all up on the inside first, then add seams to outside

add rainbow tape skin to give Trash Robot its identity and protect the cardboard.



Punch holes in top flaps about an inch in from each side

tie the Trash Tie in a loop as shown:
Add googly eyes and black rectangle for mouth.  You have now fully replicated the Box.  The Box along with the Tape Snake can now be used for the other elements of the Trash Robot system.  Or it's a just a weird purse to carry junk around in.