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A project log for SATRAN - Satellite Tracking Antenna

3D-printed, wifi-enabled and android controlled antenna rotator.

Daniel NikolajsenDaniel Nikolajsen 04/01/2021 at 14:550 Comments

Since I am looking to build an injection molding machine to speed up production, I will also need a CNC mill to prepare the molds. I have this simple engraving machine that I built many years ago, and now its finally getting a complete overhaul. 

First of I am rewiring all the crappy cables or "birds nest" that I call it. Since I built the machine when I was in school I didnt have cash to buy proper cables and connectors, but used anything I could find.

The machine used to rely on an old Win XP machine with a parallell port that crashed completely some time ago. Now I have bought a USB controller board (the red one in the pic) so I can use it with my newer 32-bit Win7 computer instead. The former computer got cut open and I am rebuilding its case to house all the electronics for the new machine. 

Later I will replace some of the mechanics to make it more sturdy. The goal is for it to be strong enough to mill aluminium.