Rewinding the tape with MK3

A project log for SATRAN - Satellite Tracking Antenna

Wifi-controlled, azimuth/elevation antenna rotator.

Daniel NikolajsenDaniel Nikolajsen 08/16/2022 at 08:240 Comments

It's official. Today I decided to move forward with Satran MK3, which is an easier and more open-source adaptation of the current MK2.

The electronics and motors will be the same as for the MK2, so it will be possible to build an MK3 from your old MK2 parts if you want to.

The current MK2 version was designed to be made completely out of cast alloy, which has shown to be extremely time-consuming and is not something my customers can make themselves. The current design takes almost 20 hours per unit for me to make, which is not something I can charge enough for. Hence, the new version will be designed so you can 3D-print the parts at home if you want instead of buying them. The new Satran will only be sold as parts or DIY kits, which mean I have time to make lots more of them and you as a customer will get a lower price and a few hours of fun assembling.

A more open-source design will also give more room to create your own upgrades or make your own spare parts with a standard 3D-printer at home if needed. Also the community can more easily help in inventing upgrades, improvements or software features.

Time for me to work around the clock, I hope to have the adjusted design ready in a week or two.