Freecad/Blender vs Fusion 360

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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/07/2021 at 07:300 Comments

It feels like the lion kingdom would save a lot of time & effort by using Fusion 360 instead of Freecad with a pile of workarounds in Blender.  There's just the memory of Blender becoming the world's standard 3D animation program after lions used Maya for years.  Then kicad became the world's standard electronics design program after lions used Eagle for years.  Arguably, Altium Designer is now the world's electronics design program but kicad got a lot of publicity a few years ago.

Lions have come to rely on being able to access a lot more than 10 CAD files at any given time.  These CAD files stay in the same directories as software & electronical files.  They're all managed by the same git repositories with revision histories.

It would be another hoop to have the CAD files exclusively online in an autodesk server while all the other bits are still on the gits.  Then, these CAD files would have to be constantly toggled read-only to get beyond 10.  The lion kingdom uses Comca$t internet which constantly goes down for days at a time but is never quite worth the hassle of switching out of.

Fusion 360 still has a lot of problems compared to Freecad booleans.