Installing the Boards

A project log for IOT Mechanical Clock with Bluetooth App

Big clock from the 90's overhauled to obey an ESP32 instead of its old motherboard. Lots of possibilities for display. Very clicky.

Keenan ReberaKeenan Rebera 12/21/2020 at 20:320 Comments

I ended up using an ESP32 Feather from Adafruit along with one of their RTC feathers for better time keeping. I tossed in a 5V regulator and a barrel jack splitter in order to provide power to all of the boards out of one jack. After that I modified the case for some basic input and testing, and rigged up the GIANT alarm horn to an NPN transistor in case I ever wanted to use it (it did a short stint as a sound bomb, lovingly dubbed the 'annoyatron')