Testing the Boards

A project log for IOT Mechanical Clock with Bluetooth App

Big clock from the 90's overhauled to obey an ESP32 instead of its old motherboard. Lots of possibilities for display. Very clicky.

Keenan ReberaKeenan Rebera 12/21/2020 at 20:420 Comments

Had to develop some initial code to test the performance of the boards, and ended up writing two Arduino libraries, one for one Signalex display and one for Several.

The Chronomix library works with two competing queues to fill up and empty scheduled activations and to fulfill async time demands. When the clock is cleared the state is flushed and better known. It seems to even keep up with a stopwatch!

I got really excited about this step, but wanted some more features, namely phone control and memory, so I went about developing an app for it